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Lite-Puter DX-626AII, 6 Channel x 20A DMX Dimmer
Lite-Puter DX-626AII, 6 Channel x 20A DMX Dimmer NEW, NEVER USED, still in his original box with all accessories Lite-Puter DX-626A, 6 Channel x 20A DMX Dimming pack, DX626A is a sophisticated DMX 6 Channel dimming pack. The DX 626A C3 liner dimming curve ensures the accuracy of dimming effects on each fader scale. Each channel provides 20A output and is equipped with a 25A high-speed magnetic breaker. DX-626 has a thermo-controlled fan which will activates automatically when the temperature is over 35°C (95°F). It can keep the system’s temperature in a safe range and reduce dust accumulation. The 6 dimming sliders on the control panel are convenient for testing. In addition to DMX input, it also has analog 0 – 10 V DC input. Features 6 channels, each 20A C3 liner dimming curve Automatically detect power frequency (50Hz/60Hz) in different area and stabilizes the dimming output. The thermo-controlled fan will be activated automatically when the temperature is over 35°C (95°F), stop the output when over 75°C° (167°F) and restart output when below 65°C (149°F). Self-testing function to test without a console. Each channel has individual 0-6% preheat setting for protecting loads. Each channel can be set as dimming or non-dimming. Specification Power supply: 100–120V AC, 200–240V AC 50/60 Hz, 3Ø4w (1Ø3w optional) Output: Maximal 20A per channel, total 20A. DMX signal input/ output: DMX512 DMX signal connector: XLR-5pin, XLR-3pin, 6p4c phone jack connector Analog signal input: 0 - 10V DC 6 Channels ( 9 pin D-type, female ) Analog signal power input: DC 0-10V Analog signal connector: D-Type Plug 9Pin(F) Analog input channel: 9 channels Preheat setings: 0 - 6% Dimension: 19” 2U, 482(W) x 88(H) x 313(D) mm Weight: 8 Kg The shipping comes from Italy and it will be made by Fedex express courier (shipment made by Ups to all the European Countries, flat rate sgipping of 45 euro to all the EU) , tracking online available.

Lite-Puter DX-626AII, 6 Channel x 20A DMX Dimmer

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