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KR808D-1 XL MEGA Double PCC
This is the Newest KR808D-1 XL / mega double PCC for e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, which are can charge 2 KR808D-1 380mAh batteries and carry 6 KR808D-1 cartomizers simultaneity! It needs 6 hours for KR808D-1 XL/mega double PCC fully charged! Why we recommend it? Check below! A. It has 6 LEDs, 2 of them is used to determine whether your battery is low and need charging. 4 of them is used to show how much the battery has charged. Detailed information please check the attched manual. B. Except the mini USB connector, it comes with iphone connector, it can share the charger with your iphone! C. It can charge both 280mAh KR808D-1 battery and 380mAh KR808D-1 battery!It can carry 6 KR808D-1 cartomizers! Please note: G4 empty clear cartomizers is too long to be put in this PCC! This item does not include any battery, atomizer or cartomizer. Including *KR808D-1 XL/mega Double PCC for e-cigarettes 1pc Parameter Capacity built-in 1500mAh battery a full-charged new KR808D-1 PCC can charge 380mAh KR808D-1 battery up to 3 times. Output voltage DC 4.2V Length 128mm Width 70mm Thickness 23mm

KR808D-1 XL MEGA Double PCC

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