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Fashion Cool Screen LED Binary Wrist Watch for Men free shipping
Quick Overview The product is the first fashionable touch watch special for men, it is a good choice for a gift and also very cool for yourself Product Description Watch instruction: * color: black Case: Silver and Golden for choosing * leather band for comfortable hand feel * common alloy for dial * 12 big LEDS light used as hourindex, the small light are min index * time adjust: please refer to the instruction Package include: touch led watch * 1 The Touch Screen LED Watch is About as Minimal as You Can Get The watch has no hands. And no, it doesn’t emit blue smoke. And despite its name, I don’t think it has anything to do with the James Cameron movie. There’s just a single ring of LEDs dotting the circumfrence of its face. White dots indicate hours, blue dots indicate… um… we’re not exactly sure what the blue dots indicate. Best we can tell from the pictures, they’re parts of an hour. But since the product details say the watch’s touchscreen face is used for “changing hour and minute data,” it’s possible that you look at hours in one pass, and minutes in another. On second thought, this is starting to sound complicated. Either way, the watch probably looks pretty cool in a darkened room, even if you can’t tell exactly what time it is. Our store sells for just $13 (USD), and you can grab one over our store, you also can get it with a favorable price placing order over 5 units.

Fashion Cool Screen LED Binary Wrist Watch for Men free shipping

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