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Chinese Chimes
Angels In One Set, Party Figures Included For Year Around Use. We have sold hundreds of these low cost $5.95 slightly smaller chimes and with our instructions on how to adjust and handle assembly correctly. Customers seem happy with these chimes at a third the price and are by far the best of 3 Chinese Manufacturers Being Sold. We have only had one customer request a refund. Front and Back Of Dual Chimes Box These Chinese Chimes are slightly smaller than the traditional chimes, and possibly a measureable difference in metal gauge, not sure, etc but amazing product for the price, which we are selling at $5.95 for the dual set and right now free shipping, with only the standard one handling charge for any size order. Makes it a good time to order chimes as a present, with free shipping. These chimes are useable year around, with the clown and 3 circus horses included, ideal for making birthday party etc memories. The angels are the traditional and it comes with four, four inch white candles. You may want to order some extra candles in the same order, get some bright yellow etc for birthday parties. http://chineseangelchimes.com/

Chinese Chimes

Sold by harlan   [ contact harlan ]
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
$5.94 USD
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